Hi everyone!!! My name is Swapnil Christian, and I’m currently an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering at University of Illinois, Chicago. This weblog is a culmination of things I have learned and the projects which I have worked on over the time of last 3 years. I really wanted to create this site as a helpful resource not only for the UIC students but also for folks who are interested in Signal Processing, Electronics, Integrated Circuits, and Micro Controllers. I hope this site proves helpful to everyone out there. I would appreciate feedback and insights, and I will try my best to implement them.


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  1. Nice page! I like how it outlined and information about boost converters. I have been using LTspice IV for my boost converter simulations and would like to design my circuit in MATLAB. I have tried this many times over but get it to work the way it should like in LTSpice IV environment. What suggestion could you give? The main issue is the feedback loop for my two MOSFET transistors.

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